Thursday, May 24, 2007

 Board Members in Attendance:

               Bill Howell                                             Lyle Henry                                            Patsy Franks

                Bill Pickle                                               Jack Rea                                             Ronnie Freeman

                Gary Culver                                           David West                                           Gene Krier

                 Myra Decker  Guest in Attendance:  David Swift

The meeting was called to order by LRNA President Bill Howell at 7:00 p.m. 

Mr. Howell provided a financial report for the period January 1, 2007 through May 24, 2007.  Expenditures to date total $8,824.80 including the one-time $2,000 loan payment and $1,000 for landscaping.  For the year 2006, expenditures from May through December totaled $6,981 which was provided as an estimate of expected disbursements for the remainder of 2007.  Additional expenditures this year will include approximately $1,000 for the LRNA Directory.   Mr. Howell reported that he has contracted for trimming of the trees in the island at the 104th Street entrance for $250. 

The membership report was that one additional homeowner has paid dues since the last board meeting, for a total of 253.  There are now 110 homes with mandatory dues, of which 84 have paid.  Of homeowners with elective dues, 48 which paid in 2006 have not yet paid in 2007. 

Mr. Howell reported that the lighting upgrade on the clock has been completed and several board members commented on how nice it looks. 

Board Discussions:

Old Business

  • There are still a number of uncollected dues.  Mr. Howell presented a letter for approval to be sent to elective dues homeowners.  Mr. Krier stated that a letter with stronger language has also been written for mandatory dues homeowners who have not yet paid.
  • Concerns were expressed about the $1,000 cost for landscaping.  Mr. Howell clarified that $650 was for plants and $350 was for labor.  It was suggested that LRNA order bedding plants for next season from OSU Extension Center for $13/flat.  Order must be placed in December, based on past experience.  Board members discussed that the current plants do not cover the area completely and perhaps a plan could be made for further improvements.  Also, volunteer labor was suggested.

New Business

  • Mr. Howell announced that he will continue as LRNA President and Mrs. Howell will continue as LRNA Treasurer only through the end of 2007.  For the remainder of this year, LRNA is still in need of a Vice-President.
  • It would be beneficial to reinstate publication of a LRNA newsletter on a regular basis.  Ideas for information/articles to be included are:  Message from the LRNA President; review of covenants; a summary of physical improvements already made (wall, streetlights, lighted clock, etc.) and improvements already planned (additional streetlights); request for suggestions from members as to how to improve Lakeridge Run as a neighborhood; safety tips; contact numbers for security and utilities; pictures of board members.  Treasurer’s report and minutes of board meetings are provided to members upon request but will not be included in the newsletter.
  • Code enforcements issues regarding a parked boat in the driveway of a home on West Country Drive and weed-filled lawns were raised.  Discussion ensued about whether LRNA could contract with a company to actually spray a lawn.  Consensus was that this would not be possible.
  • The remaining old construction rock structure in the island at the 104th Street entrance was discussed.  Mr. Henry presented computer generated pictures of possible options including removal but no replacement or replacement with the existing logo signs.  Mr. Rea presented pictures of possible construction using materials matching the new wall.
  • Mr. Howell contacted the wall company and now has the necessary glue to replace the cap which has come off the wall on 104th Street.
  • Mr. Krier presented information from “Neighborhoods PLUS”, an invoicing and collecting service company.  The Level 1 service contract would cost $1,500 per year plus expenses.  Board members asked several questions regarding what services would be included and what services would not be included as well as the cost per dues unit.  The board consensus was that this is too expensive.  Since one of the mentioned items was contracting with a collection agency, the question was raised whether LRNA could do such contracting with a collection agency.
  • Mr. Swift spoke to the board regarding long-range planning and a vision for Lakeridge Run.  What do we really want our neighborhood to say?  We need to set expectations for what is to come, and not just the physical aspects.  He pointed out that a challenge is to get involvement of volunteers as well as getting our neighbors to embrace the vision.  By talking one-on-one with those living near us, we can identify interests and skills to utilize.  It would be helpful to create a contractor’s network to list service entities used successfully by neighbors.  A rating system would need to be included and the providers would need to know they are on the list.  The board needs an organizational chart which delegates a specific responsibility to each board member (Code/Covenant Enforcement, Architectural, City and Utility Contact, etc.).  Other brainstorming ideas included “block parties”, National Night Out, block captains, identifying professional skills in the directory or on the website, “New Neighbor” baskets to include homemade cookies, Panera bread, even discount coupons or gift cards from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace, etc. 
  • As part of a plan, it was suggested the board consider a separate reserve account with a minimum balance, such as $2,500 or $5,000, to be established for emergencies.  It was indicated that insurance for the neighborhood is cost prohibitive.
  • Greenbriar Kingspark has signs posted at the entrances to their neighborhood indicating it is a restricted neighborhood with covenants.  Is it time to put similar signs up at Lakeridge Run entrances?  The Neighborhood Alliance may be able to provide them.
  • There is a LRNA web page but it does need updating.  Mr. Howell indicated that Mr. Charles Edwards had worked on it previously and might be able to assist.  The web page currently has a list of recommended service providers, an idea proposed earlier in the meeting.
  • Consideration was made regarding moving up the date for installation of additional streetlights.  Where the next new streetlights will be placed was discussed.  One suggestion was on 112th and 110th streets.  Another was that West Country Drive needed them.  Some suggested all lights on a street be done at once.  Others suggested replacing the worst old lights.

Board Actions:

  • Mr. Henry and Mr. Freeman will print and mail the letters this weekend to both mandatory and elective dues households which have not yet paid.  They will add to the mandatory dues letters a deadline of June 15 for payment or else the account will be turned over to a collection agency.
  • In order to save postage costs, Mr. Culver agreed to organize door-to-door delivery of the directory, expected in July.
  • Mr. Rea will create a plan for additional plantings in the flower beds and planters at the entrances, to be presented at the next board meeting for approval.
  • Ms. Franks agreed to be the newsletter editor.  Mr. Henry will assist with any software needs.  The newsletter will be one page, front and back.  Copy costs can be as little as $.03/page at the UPS Store or Kan Kopy.  Distribution will be through e-mail for as many homes as possible.
  • Mr. Freeman and Mr. West will write and send letters regarding the covenant violations discussed:  Boat on West Country Drive and weeds on Lakeridge Run.
  • Board approved removal of rock “V” at 104th Street entrance.  Mr. Henry will have that done this weekend by contractors already doing work for him.  No other decision was made regarding this area.
  • Mr. Krier and Mr. West will check into LRNA utilization of a collection agency for delinquent dues. 
  • The board agreed to stay with their previous decision to wait until third quarter 2007 to replace any streetlights.  No decision yet was made regarding which street(s) or individual lights would be replaced this year.
  • The first 2007 newsletter will be published and mailed in June.  Deadline for input to Ms. Franks is June 8 with publication date of June 15.  Already agreeing to write are:  Mr. Howell—message from LRNA President; Mr. Freeman—covenants; Mr. Rea—request for ideas for additional landscaping;  Mr. Henry and Mr. Culver—a summary of physical upgrades already made as well as anticipated ones.    Also needed is a summary of Mr. Swift’s proposal regarding a vision for the future.  The LRNA web address will also be included.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Myra Decker