QUESTION #1:  Why do we have annual dues and how is the money spent?

RESPONSEThese fees keep our neighborhood looking good and our home values high through entrance floral landscaping and lawn care of common areas, maintenance and repair of entrance signs and perimeter fences,  electrical utility fees for entrance lighting, printing and mailing costs, security cameras, accounting, audit & legal services, web hosting, and others.  Treasurers report is provided at meetings. LRNA counts on all home owners to support the neighborhood.  See our dues info page for more information.

What do I do about a covenant violation I observe?

RESPONSEYou may notify any officer or board member of the date, location and offense or mail a detailed description to the LRNA mailing address .

QUESTION #3:   What will be done when a covenant violation is reported?

RESPONSEThe offending member will normally: (1) be contacted by mail informing them of the situation, any governing covenant requirements, their obligation to abide by the covenants and be a good neighbor, and they will be given a reasonable time frame in which to correct the problem.  (2) If the party does not correct the problem within the time frame specified or the party has not made a “good faith” effort to correct or rectify the problem and notifies LRNA of the action to be taken, a second notice will be sent.  (3) If the second notice does not achieve results, and the homeowner has made no effort to comply the matter will be turned over to an attorney for legal action.

QUESTION #4What can I do about a neighbor’s loud continuously barking dog or other annoying noise situation disturbing us?

RESPONSE: This is in violation of our good neighbor policy and our annoyance or nuisance covenant, and may also be a violation of the city noise or disturbing the peace ordinances.

(Covenant # 9: No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any of the above-described lots, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.)

Depending upon the severity of the situation and the time when it occurs, you may want to tactfully notify the neighbor that their dog or other noise problem is causing a problem and ask them to try and control it, put it in the garage or something similar.  If this is not successful, you should contact the police.  For LRNA action, you can notify any officer or board member of the date, location and nature of the offense or send detailed information to our mailing address.  Action will be taken as outlined in Question #2. above.