Periodically there is a need to inform Lakeridge Run residences of urgent situations. By keeping neighbors informed of what is happening, alerting them to danger, or even reporting a missing dog or cat, these alerts will help all who live in Lakeridge Run.

Currently, in addition to posting alerts here on the web site, we are using email to get the information dispersed. If you have not supplied your email to LRNA and would like to be on the alert list, please click here to automatically send an email to Lyle Henry, and he will assist you.


Lakeridge Run is one the safest places to live in Oklahoma City. However, recently several break-ins have been reported. I want to alert you to the method used by the thieves in hopes of preventing future crimes of the sort. The thieves break into motor vehicles parked in the driveway, find the garage door opener and use it to open the garage door. The take everything of value and drive off into the night, all while people are asleep in the house. Unless your overhead garage door is secured by your alarm system, removing your opener seems to be the only way to prevent these crimes.

We need be watching out for each other and alerting the police of any observed strange activities. You can learn more about our Crime Watch program.