Tips on how to protect yourself from Crime!

1.  Keep your windows and doors locked and garage doors down when you are not present (even when you are only around at the side or back mowing). This provides a high level of  monitoring and control and thwarts unapproved access to your property.  Activate security systems at night or when away.  They are of no value if you become careless & don’t use them.

2.  Always remove your keys from a vehicle & park vehicles in the garage when possible, again eliminating access to them.  If your vehicles must be parked outside, lock all doors and don’t leave valuables in plain site.  Also, activate car alarms whenever possible.

3.  Advise your neighbors when you will be away overnight and when guests or   installation & repair personnel will be on your property.  Utilize your neighbors to help watch your home.  Do the same for them.

4.  Watch for any suspicious activity in the neighborhood and report it.   Make note of vehicle and suspect descriptions and tag numbers if possible.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

5.  Turn off newspapers & mail or solicit a neighbor to collect it for you when you are away.  Also, leave some lights on, preferably with a random timer.   These all can be a red flag to burglars that a home is unoccupied.

6.  Do not answer your door without first determining who is on the other side.   You are NOT obligated to open your door to anyone, especially people soliciting to sell you something you probably don’t need.

7.  Do not provide details to strangers over the phone!  (Daddy’s on a trip.)

8.  Be aware of risks and take action regarding overgrown shrubbery, lack of lighting around entrances to your home or unlocked gates to privacy fencing that obstruct the clear view of those who might try and gain access to your property.

Always be alert and just in case…… keep your insurance premiums current.